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LS Blaster - How does it work

At the heart of the LS blaster is the LS Turbo Shot™impeller.

The LS Turbo Shot™ impeller consists of eight blades mounted on a rotating drive shaft. As shot enters the LS Turbo Shot™ housing, it is fed directly into the path of the impeller blades to create a blast stream that maximizes the impact coverage ratio. The LS Turbo Shot™ impeller features replaceable, wear resistant blades to simplify maintenance and reduce downtime. During the blasting process abrasive media is metered through feed tubes into the LS Turbo Shot™ blast wheel. The rotating blast wheel accelerates the media creating a shot pattern that covers the surfaces of the parts passing through the machine. The continuous flow of abrasive media strips rust, mill scale and other surface contaminants from the metal.
The abrasive media is then recycled through the system. Bottom wheels are fed by gravity, and top and side wheels are re supplied by a bucket elevator and augers. Additional screening of media and an air wash help clear fines and any debris from the abrasives. A dust collection system removes the particulates which are stored in a drum for recycling.

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