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LS Vibratory Shakers - How does it work?

Once metal items to be cleaned, de burred or polished are placed inside the machine and the cycle timer is set, the shaft below the tub starts to rotate. The counter weight on the shaft works in unison with the super-duty springs holding the tub in place, to create a unidirectional high speed vibration. Since the vibration is unidirectional, the aluminum, ceramic or steel media vibrates rapidly while shifting in one direction. The unidirectional shifting of the media and the curved bottom of the tub causes the media to tumble from front to back, down the back wall, then up the front wall.

Through the continuous tumbling action of the media and the shifting flow, parts are methodically stripped of scale, grease, grime and oil. The longer the shaker runs, the smoother and shinier the parts become.

Different media composition and shape can be used based on the needs of the application. De burring media is typically a ceramic combined with varying types and amounts of abrasives. Shapes of media can be mixed based on the shape of the parts being tumbled. Burnishing media is a formed hardened steel or porcelain. Plastic or aluminum media is used on aluminum parts, very fine finishes, or polishing prior to plating or coating.

LS Shakers can be shipped complete with a full load of media to get you up and running fast. All you have to do is hook up the power, add the solution, and turn on the switch. Fast, efficient cleaning has never been easier. Add the optional external solvent tank and small parts magnet to maximize the efficiency of your system. High production and custom units are available with 2.5 to 160 cubic foot capacity.

LS Industries’ Vibratory Shakers are backed by a full One Year Warranty. Our Parts Department will keep you going strong with a complete line of aluminum and ceramic media, cleaning solution, and replacement parts available with just one phone call.

Pictured: 20S vibratory shaker tub, 20 cubic feet


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