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LS Aqueous Washers - How does it work

At the heart of the LS Aqueous Washer is an industrial duty vertical close-coupled pump designed to be both reliable and efficient. The heavy-duty one piece shaft construction has no seals, bushings, or metal to metal contact below the mounting plate, assuring a long, maintenance free life. Each pump is performance matched to a spray manifold design fitted with a precise number of precision spray jets.Each jet is strategically located to give complete parts coverage and to ensure maximum spray impact.

All come standard with a built-in timer to prevent unit from running continuously. A door safety switch prevents accidental operation when the door is not fully closed. Thermostatically controlled heat sensors keep the cleaning solution at the proper temperature. A filter debris screen keeps the pump intake free of clogs. A NEMA rated control panel houses electrical components that are UL and CAS registered.

The easy access cycle timer makes operation as simple as twisting a knob. Just put your parts in and close the door. Set the timer and find something else to do. The pressure of the spray combined with the high temperature cleaning solution does all the work, scrubbing parts down to bare metal. Heavy-duty belt or disc oil skimmers are available to keep the cleaning solution free of oil and grease. LS Industries’ Aqueous Washers are available in standard and custom configurations to meet your needs!

When you have lots of parts to clean all at one time, you just can’t beat our Tumble Water Blaster. The unique design rotates parts to provide complete coverage without immersion. The tumbling action helps to dislodge chips while the high powered jets remove grease and dirt fast.

LS Industries’ Aqueous Washers are backed by a full One Year Warranty. Our Parts Department will keep you going strong with a complete line of detergent and replacement parts available with just one phone call.

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