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BSC 20 Cylinder Blaster

"Install and operate an LS Blaster for thousands of dollars LESS than competing machines and get better results."

Cylinder capacity 20" (dia.) X 62" (L)

Cabinet Construction
Steel cabinet with replaceable urethane wear liner

Impeller Design
Dual 10 HP Lincoln impeller motors
Balanced four blade impeller wheels
Superior grade impeller shaft bearings
Replaceable hardened alloy wear plate liner
Full load of shot included

Cylinder Roll
Manganese alloy cylinder roller shafts
Variable speed control

Cylinder Lift
Air operated cylinder lift

Cabinet Door
Air operated door with double safety interlocks
All steel door lined with urethane for abrasive resistance

Cylinder Eject
Air operated cylinder kick-out with safety interlocks

Dual hand controls for added safety when opening & closing
Air operated valves
Door safety interlock
Shot monitor light/ add shot / remove shot

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