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Monorail Blaster

From design and manufacturing, to parts and service LS Industries is committed to providing the highest levels of performance in addressing your metal cleaning needs.

All LS Industries’ blasters are built from the ground up with dependability in mind. LS blasters are built from rugged steel and alloy steel with welded construction. Replaceable “wear resistant” liner materials are strategically positioned inside the cabinet, to absorb the brunt of the impact from the abrasive. These machines are built to provide years of trouble free service with minimal maintenance.

At the heart of the LS blaster is the LS Turbo Shot™ impeller. This impeller consists of eight blades mounted on a rotating drive shaft. As shot enters the LS Turbo Shot™ housing, it is fed directly into the path of the impeller blades to create a blast stream that maximizes the impact coverage ratio. The LS Turbo Shot™impeller features replaceable, wear resistant blades to simplify maintenance and reduce downtime.

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