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12FTW Flow Through Washer

Insulated 300 gallon wash solution tank
High volume spray manifolds
Pump / manifold system for higher impact and faster, more thorough cleaning
Electric immersion heaters (gas heat is optional) - Thermostat temperature control
Heaters are sized to minimize heat-up time and maintain a consistent 185
24" wide heavy duty conveyor belt constructed from 1" x 1" galvanized mesh
Washer opening: 24" x 24"
Variable speed conveyor drive
Conveyor extends 2' beyond cabinet entrance and exit for loading/unloading
Entrance and exit vestibules with hanging strip curtains to prevent escape of wash solution and stream
Access panels allow entry to wash cabinet for inspection and maintenance
Seven day timer to allow unattended heat-up
Wired for 220 or 440 volt 3 phase power
NEMA 12 electrical enclosures
All wiring enclosed in water tight conduits
Gas models come standard with an ecology burn off box
Tank clear out is to the side for easy access, and sloped for easy cleanouts
Sludge rakes are standard so large amounts of sludge can be removed without draining the tank 

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