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GS 20 Brake Linings Conformer

Conforms the brake linings surface to allow them perform a 100% contact with the drum since the first braking.

The GS20 is an indispensable equipment on the professional brake shop, since it gives the brake linings, both in cars and in heavy trucks, the necessary form for them to seat on a 100% basis on the drum, right from the beginning, without having to wait for the drum to gradually wear the linings away in order to obtain the complete lining to drum contact. 

This machine was made to conform brake lining of the floating type, as well as those of fixed or decreasing anchorage types, and of course also irregular or deformed brake linings. 

After a brake linings change, a maximum brake efficiency can only be guaranteed if before being installed, the brake linings were conformed with the GS20 machine.

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