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BD-X Heavy Duty Brake Deliner

The LS BD-X deliner is designed to quickly and efficiently remove old brake lining from heavy-duty cores. The BD-X mandrels can accept a large variety of standard and custom built inserts making it the most flexible deliner on the market. Operation is basic and uncomplicated. A hydraulic cylinder moves a shoe past a shearing blade to strip the lining from the shoe in a skiving action. The heavy-duty, direct drive design is designed to give you years of trouble free service.

Heavy-duty construction with steel frame and components.
Comes with dual mandrel deliner with cutting blades(mandrels can accept a large variety of standard and custom built inserts).

Machine Dimensions:  28"W x 93"L x 52"H
Discard Bin Capacity:  approximately 6 cubic feet.

Independent controls and direct drive cylinders.

High-speed hydraulic pump directly mounted to a 10 horsepower power supply.

Electrical: Standard voltage 220V/3/60  Optional 440V/3/60

Double-sided cutting blades are standard
When one side of the blade begins to dull or chip, turn it over to expose a new cutting edge
Cutting blades are made of a high strength alloy material and heat-treated for long life
One main drive cylinder, One blade activation cylinder

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