LS Products

LSW-5000 Rotary Washer

"LS Industries Aqueous Washers are built to last!"

80 gallon insulated solution tank
Natural gas burner or 9 kW electric heat
7 day advance timer for heat control
Motor driven turntable
32" turntable diameter with 39" working height, 1000 lb. capacity
Fixed basket with concave door for easy loading withoverhead hoist
Transmission tree / head rack (optional)
Drip tray under table keeps floor dry
Oscillating power manifold for quicker cleaning and better
spray coverage
7.5 HP seamless vertical pump
Emergency stop
Filter screen to catch large particles
Initial supply of biodegradable soap
Gas models come standard with an ecology
burn off box
Tank clear out is to the side for easy access, and sloped for easy clean out
Sludge rakes are standard so large amounts of sludge can be removed without draining the tank

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