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Pipe Washer

Clean pipe, bar, billet and tube.

Three-stage flow through washer is designed to wash both the external and internal of pipes in a single pass.
Conveyor extension beyond the washer entrance and exit, parts are placed on the belt manually, automation is optional.
Wash and rinse tanks are well insulated to retain heat and save on energy costs.
Duel belt oil skimmer included to remove up to 12 gallons of oil per hour.
Heated blow-offs available. Helps remove excess water from the part allowing faster flash drying. Blow-off area is mild steel construction.
Conveyor belt is 1” x 1” galvanized flat wire belt tilted to allow drainage of wash water from pipes. Belt slip or torque tamer protects the belt. Belt is variable speed.
Pumps are a vertical mounted seal less units.
Spray nozzles are quick-change for easy maintenance. Composite spray headers, with adjustable quick release.
The wash tank is supplied with a liquid level control to maintain proper water level control in the wash and rinse stage. Float type system. Connects to low water cut off.
Water filters through a perforated screen, dual mild steel canister filtration with (150 micron) included. Plumbing to include a shut off valve to allow operator to clean one canister while washer continues to operate utilizing secondary filtration.
Heat is thermostatically controlled. High heat cleaning: Will maintain 145-160 degree temperature in wash and rinse stages.
Special venting is available upon request.

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