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2001 Powder Coat Spray Booth

"LS Industries, one of the Nation’s leading suppliers of metal cleaning equipment for
the industrial and automotive markets, also designs and manufactures complete Powder Coating Systems."

From design to manufacturing to service, LS Industries is committed to providing the highest levels of performance in addressing your metal cleaning, pretreatment and coating needs.

The LS Industries Powder Coating product line includes pressure washers, spray systems, flow-thru washers, integrated blast systems for cylinders, rims and many other parts, industrial washers, rotary washers, jet spray washers and other aqueous cleaning systems as well as infrared ovens, burn off ovens, batch ovens, both gas and electric.

Working with you and your staff, LS provides innovative solutions that meet your cleaning, pretreatment and coating requirements and integrate well with your existing manufacturing systems. The experienced LS on-site, engineering staff provides design solutions for efficient metal cleaning, profiling and surface preparation.

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