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24 RTB Rubber Belt Blasters

"Economical way to clean large batches of parts."

Reversing belt feature provides automatic unloading.
Overhead blast wheels provides the ultimate in shot blast coverage.
Available with the LS Turbo Shot™ impeller or the new LS bidirectional Sure Blast™ direct drive center fed wheel.
Comes standard with two 20hp LS Turbo shot™ blast wheels.
Can be set up to clean aluminum, cast iron, die castings, forgings and small parts.
Work capacity – 24 cubic feet – 58" usable width by 48" diameter (3000 lb load maximum)
All steel frame, cabinet constructed from 1/2” steel plate.
Cabinet liner manufactured from 1/2” replaceable manganese alloy wear plate.
Manganese drum heads with replaceable hard wear plate liner.
Long life impeller housing with easy to replace liner and impeller blades.
Heavy duty 4 ply rubber belt with 5/16” holes for abrasive return.
Abrasive feed system includes augers and bucket elevator.
Access doors for impeller wheel and bucket elevator.
Jet pulse dust collection system – cartridge type.
12" Exhaust ventilation for cooler operation

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