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17 TWB Tumble Washers

Design Parameters:
The tumble washer is designed to wash parts placed into the main wash basket. The basket is belt drive and rotates at 3 RPM. A stationary wash manifold with large slotted nozzles is positioned beneath the basket and sprays a heated cleaning solution up into the basket thoroughly cleaning the parts inside.

The washer tank and upper vestibule are constructed of 10 gauge sheet steel. Whenever possible, radius breaks are used to form the metal. When welding is required, all welds are subject to leak test to ensure the washer is water tight.

Holding Tank:
The holding tank capacity is 180 to 200 gallons.

The water can be heated with electrical heating elements or with natural gas. Optional heat methods include steam, waste oil and propane. A thermostat controls the solution temperature and a seven day cycle timer allows the solution to be heated prior to the work day beginning. Electric heat 30 KW

Tumble Basket:
The standard basket mesh has an opening of 3/4" x 1-15/16". The basket is constructed of heavy duty mesh grates and endplates. Two latches located on either side of the basket hold the door in a closed position during the clean cycle. Basket dimensions are 35" diameter x 33" long. Optional grates with varying opening sizes are available. 1/2 HP basket drive motor.

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