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ULS 1260: ULTRASONIC TANK – 1260 Gallon

Main features of the ULS 1260:

                           Internal dimensions: 
                                               Tank              Lift Tray
                           Length           98.4”               93.5”
                           Width            62.6”               52.5”
                           Height           49.6”               39.3” 

Lift Maximum Part Weight Capacity 3,968 lbs

LS Industries Ultrasonics are built with stainless steel construction for lifetime reliability.
Lower frequency (28 khz), which is more powerful.
Noise emission is under 78 db(A).
Platform lift for parts agitation while ultrasonic cleaning.
Transducers are attached to the tank with special adhesive, so no energy is lost.
Green Label for Lowest Energy Consumption (up to $2,800 annual savings)
X-tra  triple thermal & acoustic insulation
Automatic nightly Eco Mode (temperature decreases during night time)
35 mm thickness insulated top lid, with neoprene seal.
Electrical Consumption Manager.
480 3ph 60hz 73 amps
Transducers placed in-walls, keeping 100% cleaning performance week after week.
Transducers sets can be easily replaced after lifetime.
Patended Oil Separation  with Laminar Flow System (LFS) using auxiliary tank for oil removal from main tank. Best system to keep main tank free of oil extend bath’s life, together with filtering device.
Multilanguage Touch Screen 7” (eng–spa–fra.). More languages can be added.
Highest cleaning performance chemicals.

Full spare parts availability.
2 years warranty.

710 East 17th Street, Wichita, KS 67214-1312(800) 835-0218