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180S Custom Shaker

"Custom vibratory shakers and tumblers using aluminum and ceramic media are available in many sizes to accommodate a wide variety of part sizes and shapes."

Standard options on the large shakers include canted tubs for easy loading and unloading. Built with tubular steel framing and steel construction for long life and added noise reducing insulation. Liners are made with replaceable urethane in a variety of thickness. Pneumatically controlled lids are easy to open and allow front and top loading of media. Media discharge door.

Super heavy duty sealed shaft bearings with grease fittings. Dual main shafts with welded counter-balanced weight. Forward and reverse controls. Hinged access doors on rear of machine for inspection and maintenance. Solvent spray bar is equipped with steel spray nozzles. Solvent valve allows manual adjustment of solvent flow during operation.

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