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4S Vibratory Shaker

LS Shakers are built from heavy 10 gauge steel with welded construction.

Replaceable urethane tub liner extends the life of the shaker for years of service.

Standard units have a heavy-duty wash and drain tray eliminating the need for a solvent work station.

A cold finished steel main shaft and sealed bearings provide trouble free operation and superior life. The cleaning solution is pumped into the shaker through a submersible Little Giant™ pump built with a nylon pump housing and nylon impeller.

These mighty cleaning machines have long been a popular tool for both automotive and industrial cleaning applications. Alternator and starter housings, machined parts, CV's, water pump housings, connecting rods, castings, valves, basically anything made of metal that needs to be cleaned, can be cleaned in a shaker.

The vibratory action of the media works like little brushes, helping the cleaning solution scrub parts down to bare metal. Besides cleaning, they’re also great for de burring, buffing, and polishing parts quickly, quietly, and efficiently.

LS Shakers can be shipped complete with a full load of media to get you up and running fast.

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