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New Table Blaster and Washer Out for Delivery

LS Industries specializes in building machines that make companies more productive.  This customer purchased a shot blast table and a rotary table washer.  Both of them have an impressive 72" diameter table.  These machines will significantly cut down on the amount of time employees spend getting difficult assemblies clean. The LS TB72 Table Blaster has […]

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LS Industries recently returned from exhibiting at the FabTech Expo in Chicago, IL. In our display, we had the BH-4 Fixtured Basket Blaster. This is a very versatile batch style blaster designed for blasting parts that shouldn't be tumbled. The fixed rod setup allows for a variety of fixturing options for parts of many shapes […]

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New Equipment Purchase Tax Incentives - Section 179

Section 179 Tax Deduction (capital equipment investment deduction) The section 179 tax deduction is designed with businesses in mind. It is meant to be an incentive to encourage businesses to invest in themselves. It allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying equipment up to $1,000,000 purchased or financed in the tax year. […]

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At LS Industries we specialize in manufacturing automated machines that will save you time and money in your production processes.  Our airless blasting machines will pay for themselves in less than 1 year over air blast systems.  If you’re currently sanding by hand you can pay for a blasting machine in less than 4 months.  […]

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Manganese steel, also known as Mangalloy or Hadfield Steel, is steel that has been combined with 11 – 15% manganese. Manganese is a natural element that is very hard and brittle. Once combined with steel the material becomes very hard and durable, it will lose the brittle nature. The manganese steel is a non-magnetic steel […]

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