Floor Blasters

Air Blasters

LS Industries Air blasters systems include ASME certified blast pots and can be customized to fit your needs. Air blast systems can give the operator precise control over the surfaces being blasted. These are also good options for blasting items that are extremely large or just awkwardly shaped.

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Cylinder Blasters

LS Industries Cylinder Blasters are designed to increase productivity for cleaning cylinders of all sizes. LS Industries provides machines for blasting internal and external surfaces and in designs appropriate for managing many different production volumes.

Manganese Belt Blasters

The LS Industries Manganese Belt Blasters are tough machines designed to automate your blasting process when your parts need more support than spaced rollers that are in our structural blasters. Manganese is a special material that actually gains strength as it is impacted. The manganese belt blaster is designed with heavy-duty manganese linked chain belt, that will last a long time. Below is the assortment of standard sizes available on our manganese belt blasters, if you don’t see what you need, we are happy to create the right solution for you. Complete this form to begin the custom design process.

Rubber Tumbler Blasters

Our standard blasters feature hinge mounted doors for easy access. Shot usage is monitored by analog readout of amperes being drawn by the LS Turbo Shot™ impeller wheels. Shot is contained by exit and entrance vestibules. Extra shot is stored in the exit auger and is added automatically by the blaster while monitoring amperage.

These versatile cleaning machines have long been a popular tool for industrial cleaning, surface preparation and de scaling applications. Plate, fabrications, structures, molds, and foundry pieces can all be cleaned with an LS blaster. The LS blaster will also etch concrete blocks, tiles and stone for a desired look and finish. The parts are feed at a continuo's rate through the blast chamber blasting all exposed surfaces. Line speed is variable allowing you to meet your cleaning specifications.

Monorail Blasters

The LS Industries monorail blasters are very versatile machines for handling blasted materials. Monorail blasters are designed to be able to blast all sides of the material in the blast zone. Below is a range of standard blaster sizes that we have previously manufactured, however, if you don’t see what you need, we are happy to create the right machine for you. Please complete the RFQ form here.

Tumble Blasters

LS Industries Tumble Blasters are built with wire mesh baskets that can hold a variety of parts for blasting. Parts placed into the tumbling basket receive a full 360-degree blast for the whole batch of parts. The LS TurboShot™ blast wheels disperse the shot media to efficiently and effectively clean the parts in the machine.

Rim Blasters

LS Industries specializes in creating machines to increase productivity and reduce labor costs—including rim blasters. The below assortment of Rim Blasters is designed to accommodate various sizes and production rates. If you don’t see the right solution for your needs please contact us about creating it for you.

Table Blasters

LS Industries Table Blasters are versatile machines for blasting a wide variety of parts. The blasters are built with heavy-duty manganese tables that resist wear from the shot impact and have very high weight capacities. The SureShot™ blast wheels quickly distribute the shot media to clean rust, dirt, debris and any other impurities. If you don’t see what you need please contact us for your custom solution.

Structural Blasters

All LS Industries’ blasters are built from the ground up with dependability in mind. LS blasters are built from rugged steel and alloy steel with welded construction. Replaceable “wear resistant” liner materials are strategically positioned inside the cabinet, to absorb the brunt of the impact from the abrasive. These machines are built to provide years of trouble-free service with minimal maintenance.

LS Industries Structural Blasters can be a very strategic tool for increasing productivity.  The versatile machines can blast nearly anything that will fit into the opening window.  Modifications can be made to the machines in order to specifically control the finish.  Below is an assortment of standard structural blasters, if they do not meet your needs please contact us for your custom solution.