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LS Industries is taking the safety of our employees seriously during the COVID-19 outbreak and listening to our government's advice. We have taken additional prevention measures such as work from home options and staggering staffing schedules so that social distancing can be maintained while also supporting our customer’s needs.

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Our parts team is here to help! They are available by phone or email to help you get the essential parts you need. We are committed to serving our customers as seamlessly as possible.

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LS will still be here to help with issues that may arise. For our staff’s safety, we are not doing on-site service calls at this time but we can diagnose many issues through video conference call or phone call. Call or email LS industries for all your service needs.

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There is no better time to expand and upgrade your equipment than now. We have several machines in stock to serve your needs immediately and offering stimulus pricing on most of our machines.  It is time to be more productive and we want to help.  Our reps are staying close to our customers and responding to your needs.

LS Industries is working hard to support you through these unprecedented times. Feel free to contact us with any questions at 316.265.7997 or email
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New Table Blaster and Washer Out for Delivery

LS Industries specializes in building machines that make companies more productive.  This customer purchased a shot blast table and a rotary table washer.  Both of them have an impressive 72" diameter table.  These machines will significantly cut down on the amount of time employees spend getting difficult assemblies clean.

LSTB72The LS TB72 Table Blaster has a 10,000 lb weight capacity and uses 2 of our LS SureShot(TM) Direct Drive Blast Wheels with 10HP motors.






RWB72The LS RWB72 Rotary Table Washer has a 75 HP Gusher pump for the wash with a 525-gallon tank and reaches 140 to 180 degrees Fahrenheit.  The system also includes a fresh water rinse.






We hope that our customer will have many successful years of operation on their new LS Equipment!

Machine delivery


FabTech 2019LS Industries recently returned from exhibiting at the FabTech Expo in Chicago, IL. In our display, we had the BH-4 Fixtured Basket Blaster. This is a very versatile batch style blaster designed for blasting parts that shouldn't be tumbled. The fixed rod setup allows for a variety of fixturing options for parts of many shapes and sizes. The parts receive a full 360-degree blast without tumbling that could cause damage. This machine is a great solution for customers that have lower volumes of diverse products.

Also, on display was the LS Mini Blaster. Our small workhorse tumble blaster is great for small parts that can be tumbled for a quick blasted finish. Save time and money by loading the basket, setting the timer and walking away.

Our team is following up with all of the prospects that we connected with in Chicago but if we have missed you please feel free to reach out to us, 1-800-835-0218. Or complete the quote request at Here.

New Equipment Purchase Tax Deductions - Section 179

Section 179 Tax Deduction (capital equipment investment deduction)


The section 179 tax deduction is designed with businesses in mind. It is meant to be an incentive to encourage businesses to invest in themselves, with new equipment. It allows businesses to deduct the full purchase price of qualifying new and used equipment up to $1,000,000 purchased or financed in the tax year. The code states that equipment must be placed into service between January 1, 2020, and December 31, 2020, to qualify for the deduction in the 2020 tax year.


Why am I telling you all of this? 

Our current orders are being quoted out to November meaning that if you plan to take advantage of the write-off, you’ll need to get your orders in soon.

LS Industries wants to help you save money not only on your taxes but in your production.  Our automated blasters, washers and vibratory equipment will significantly increase your productivity and reduce your labor costs.

Find out more about new equipment tax deductions at or consult your tax accountant.

Please contact LS Industries to see how we can help you.

Need to finance your equipment? We have lending partners as well that can help you move forward with your new equipment needs today as well. Financed equipment is still eligible for the Section 179 tax incentive for new equipment deductions.

Need a custom solution to get your production moving smoothly? We still have time to build the new equipment before the end of the year but you need to act fast!

We do also have some stock solutions available for increasing your productivity tomorrow. Take a look at some of the end of the year offers we have available on new and used equipment. New Equipment or Used Equipment


At LS Industries we specialize in manufacturing automated machines that will save you time and money in your production processes.  Our airless blasting machines will pay for themselves in less than 1 year over air blast systems.  If you’re currently sanding by hand you can pay for a blasting machine in less than 4 months.  And you will achieve a much more consistent finish on every part.  Similar savings can be found in automated washing machines and shakers.  Taking out the hand labor on these dirty jobs can make your shop much more productive and it will also keep your workforce happier.

Cost Savings with LS Industries

Savings of Shot Blast over Air Blast


Manganese steel, also known as Mangalloy or Hadfield Steel, is steel that has been combined with 11 – 15% manganese. Manganese is a natural element that is very hard and brittle. Once combined with steel the material becomes very hard and durable, it will lose the brittle nature. The manganese steel is a non-magnetic steel with extreme anti-wear properties. The material is very resistant to abrasion and will actually gain strength upon impact. These conditions make it the perfect material for holding up against wear in the blast cabinet and for our blast wheel blades.

1. Manganese steel is a combination of the alloy manganese with steel at about 11- 15% manganese.
2. Manganese steel has extremely durable properties and actually becomes harder upon impact. (like that of a steel shot blast)
3. Manganese steel can be cut with a plasma laser.
4. Manganese steel plates are welded together using low temperatures.


Mangenese Steel