Flow Through Propane Cylinder Blasters

The LS Industries Flow Through Propane Cylinder Blasters are designed to manage higher volumes of propane cylinders. The outside surface is blasted clean in a continuous flow through the blast chamber. If you are working with lower volumes we also offer batch style propane tank blasters that you can find here.

Propane Cylinder Blasters

Efficiently and effectively prepare propane tanks for return to the market. The blaster will remove paint, rust and debris to prepare them for repainting. Below is an assortment of blasters to handle batches of cylinders, if you need to manage a higher volume of cylinders you might consider the LS Industries Flow Through Cylinder Blasters.

LS PBX Propane Tank Blaster

The LS PBX has capacity for (4) 20lb cylinders per cycle. The (2) 20 HP motors turn the LS TurboShot™ blast wheels. The bi-directional design throws a high volume of shot to quickly clean the full surface of the cylinders. The cylinders are held in place with heavy-duty manganese fixture rods that are spring loaded for fast loading and unloading. The machine is easy to maintain overtime with replaceable cabinet liners in the blast area. For higher volumes or even less maintenance time you can upgrade to a manganese cabinet with replaceable manganese wear liners.