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Rubber Tumbler Blasters

Our standard blasters feature hinge mounted doors for easy access. Shot usage is monitored by analog readout of amperes being drawn by the LS Turbo Shot™ impeller wheels. Shot is contained by exit and entrance vestibules. Extra shot is stored in the exit auger and is added automatically by the blaster while monitoring amperage.

These versatile cleaning machines have long been a popular tool for industrial cleaning, surface preparation and de scaling applications. Plate, fabrications, structures, molds, and foundry pieces can all be cleaned with an LS blaster. The LS blaster will also etch concrete blocks, tiles and stone for a desired look and finish. The parts are feed at a continuo's rate through the blast chamber blasting all exposed surfaces. Line speed is variable allowing you to meet your cleaning specifications.

Concrete Construction

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Rubber Tumbler Blasters

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