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XLX-TC Turbo Charge Balancer

Product Overview

The LS Industries XLX-TC Balancer is designed to balance small rotating assemblies, like turbochargers. Balanced components will last longer and operate more effectively, due to less stress. The XLX-TC is highly accurate to 0.15g-in/kg.


Durable and reliable sensor possesses high sensitivity and good linearity

Permanent calibration brings high accuracy

Special clamp offers higher accuracy and easier operation

Advanced electrical measuring system and friendly man-machine interface


Max Mass of Workpiece (lbs)

35 lbs.

Max Diameter of Workpiece (in)


Distance between two Support Bearings (in)

2 5/16 – 15 3/4

Journal Diameter Scope of Workpiece (in)

3/16 – 1 1/2

Diameter Scope of Driving Belt (in)

5/8 – 5 7/8

Rotational Speed when the Diameter of Driving Belt is 4in (r/min)

570,1200 ^1

Motor Power (kw)


Min Achievable Residual Unbalance Amount (emar)

≤ 0.3g mm/kg

LS=Labor Savings!

Custom engineered sizes are available to meet your business’s needs. At LS we design, program and fabricate machines onsite and LS offers a PMA— Preventative Maintenance Package— for LS and other equipment.

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