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Air Blast Cabinet and Dust Collector

Product Overview

This air blaster is commonly used for removing rust, mill scale, heat scale, and carbon buildup from metals or to strip paint, powder coating, plating and anodizing from parts for rework.  The blasting process can be used to apply a uniform finish to steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass and other metals.


Rubber Clothed Lined Gloves


Suction Blast System


Pressure Indicator/Regulator



Work Envelope

48" x 36" x 36"

Overall Dimensions**

54" x 38" x 72" (excludes dust collector)


2 doors @ 29" x 32"

No of Nozzles/Operator


Dust Collector Std*

1-1/2 HP 600 cfm

* Parts are handled manually, so can't be too heavy

** Dimension of machine doesn't include dust collector

LS=Labor Savings!

Custom engineered sizes are available to meet your business’s needs. At LS we design, program and fabricate machines onsite and LS offers a PMA— Preventative Maintenance Package— for LS and other equipment.

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