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Mass Finishing Complete Custom Design

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Mass Finishing

Many times, a single vibratory process will not achieve the exact finish that you need for your product. In that case LS Industries can design for you a full Mass Finishing System. The system will be custom designed for your needs with options on media, washing, rust preventative, drying as well as conveyors moving the products through each stage. Some of the previously designed systems included;

  1. Vibratory finishing, dryer & washing
    a. Spiral type vibratory finishing machine
    b. Vibratory dryer
    c. Conveyorized washing and rust preventative unit
  2. Auto-loading, edge radius, washing and rust preventative
    a. Conveyor system to load components
    b. Vibratory deburring machine with pneumatic flapper arrangement
    c. Pneumatically operated sound cover
    d. Washing trolley for spray washing of components
    e. PLC based control panel
  3. Vibratory descaling, degreasing and drying
    a. Input hopper arrangement
    b. Vibratory finishing machine with pneumatically operated discharge arrangements
    c. Dryer with pneumatically operated discharge arrangements
    d. PLC based control panel

LS=Labor Savings!

Custom engineered sizes are available to meet your business’s needs. At LS we design, program and fabricate machines onsite and LS offers a PMA— Preventative Maintenance Package— for LS and other equipment.

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