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Tank Blaster

From design and manufacturing, to parts and service LS Industries is committed to providing the highest levels of performance in addressing your metal cleaning needs.

Product Specifications

Blast clean the toughest burnt drums in less than 2 minutes.

The standard dual 10HP impeller motors and dual balanced impeller wheels provide the coverage necessary to quickly and efficiently clean each drum.

Standard model cleans up to 55 gallon sized drum.

The LS-DB25 is a heavy-duty machine built of 1/4” manganese steel with massive 2” manganese roller shafts.

The exterior finish is powder coated for exceptional durability.

Economical to operate wheel well is lined with replaceable wear plate material.

The cabinet is engineered with replaceable manganese liners in areas of direct shot impingement.

Set the standard 0-60 minute cycle timer and move on to other work.

5HP Dust Collector (600-800cfm) with double-lined fire resistant bag teams with the very large air intake for cooler operation and extremely efficient dust collection.


Cylinder Roll
Manganese alloy cylinder roller shafts
Variable speed control

Cylinder Lift
Air operated cylinder lift


Cabinet Door
Air operated door with double safety interlocks
All steel door lined with urethane for abrasive resistance

Cylinder Eject
Air operated cylinder kick-out with safety interlocks

Dual hand controls for added safety when opening & closing
Air operated valves
Door safety interlock
Shot monitor light/ add shot / remove shot

Additional Blaster Products

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