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IDW-2 Internal Cylinder Washer

Product Overview

The IDB-2 Internal Cylinder Washer uses high pressure water to wash dust and media out of gas cylinders and includes media separation to recover media washed out of the cylinders. The IDB-2 then uses compressed air or nitrogen to dry the inside of the cylinder. The IDB-2 is able to wash 2 cylinders during each cycle. The internal lance is mechanically driven and the machine includes PLC controls for the machine. Install and operate a LS washer such as the IDB-2 Washer for thousands of dollars less than competing machines and get better results.  


Cylinder Lift


Cylinder Index System


Cylinder Load/Unload Tables


Water Preheat


Compressed Air/Nitrogen Preheat



Work Envelope (Cylinder Size)

54" L x 7" dia

Overall Dimensions

172" x 51" x 104" Tabledown

LS=Labor Savings!

Custom engineered sizes are available to meet your business’s needs. At LS we design, program and fabricate machines onsite and LS offers a PMA— Preventative Maintenance Package— for LS and other equipment.

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