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20x44 Rotary Table Washer

Product Overview

LS Industries automated rotary table washers are designed to make quick work of dirty jobs. The 20x44 rotary table washer is equipped with a 5 hp pump and a 55-gallon tank. The powerful manifold will clean items for the full 44” tall wash space. The 20” diameter table has a capacity of 500 pounds and is mounted to the laydown door so that it can be pulled out for easy access after the wash cycle. View a Product Video


Electric Heat


Gas Heat


Digital Thermostat


Autofill/Low Water Assy


Oil Skimmer


Exhaust Assy


Canister Filter**


Oscillating Manifold



Work Envelope

20" DIA x 44" H

Overall Dimensions (L x W x H) (With Door Open)

5'6" x 8'6" x 7'6"

Pump (HP)*

5 HP

Table Weight Capacity

500 lbs

* Can change based on customer cleaning needs.

** Adds additional length to the machine's overall dimensions.

LS=Labor Savings!

Custom engineered sizes are available to meet your business’s needs. At LS we design, program and fabricate machines onsite and LS offers a PMA— Preventative Maintenance Package— for LS and other equipment.

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